• Mould Flowing Analysis
  • The mould flowing analysis mainly refers to the reproduction of the flowing, filling, cooling and final forming when realize the forming process of the filler in the melten state by computer. It usually adopting plastic injection production and plastic moulds industry.There are some common software, such as Moldflow, Moldex 3D, etc.
  • Relation between material & time& mould cost
It can be learned whether parts can be full of .The analysis also can provide other useful information,such as injection pressure ,clamping pressure etc..

It can be learned whether have the shortage problem.Many filling problem, such as shortage, air bubble and filling curve. The mould flowing analysis allows you to change the location of the gate, injection speed and other processing conditions, in order to know whether these problems can be improved or corrected.
It can predict the deformation of the parts.We should be very careful use the absolute value through deformation analysis to predict the deformation. The deforming predict can be used to compare with the gate location,the wall-thickness variation and design change.

It can check and correct the problem mould prototype. To predict the problems in the mould, the best method is to use mould prototype for short shot. The mould flowing analysis can be obtained which variation will be effective ,faster and less cost than repairing mould.
It can be learned the efficiency of cooling circulation water. It can increase the accuracy that put the cooling analysis into the deforming analysis. Because it is hard to modify the cooling water channel when mould finishing. Thus such analysis is very useful before mould making.

The problem to repare the weld line The mould flowing analysis can predict where the weld line is and help it how to move to the place not easy to cause problems. It also can provide some clues to affect the quality of the weld line, such as the temperature of the melt flow front end when they met and the required pressure to fill in the weld line.However, the mould flowing analysis can not forecast the strength of the weld line and its visualization.
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